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The daughters of Ares and the daughters of Odin have been locked in a blood feud since the dawn of the Mythic Age. Xenophobic, misandric, and hyper-violent, the Amazons drove the proto-Norse people from their homeland and nearly destroyed them. The children of the Aesir were saved when Odin fathered an apocalyptic death cult of warrior women and commanded them to preserve his people's destiny. Thus began a genocidal war that spans the ages and touches every nation on earth. 

These are the last days of the Heroic Age. Chthonic monsters still lurk in the ruins of Nineveh and jotnar hunt in the deep forests of Germania. Bands of satyrs roam the plains of Scythia and dvergar regularly visit Midgard. The new library at Alexandria sends collectors out across the known world,  gathering ancient wisdom and artifacts to fill its vaults. Babylon, however, is a crumbling, abandoned cityscape, home to savage creatures, ruthless bandits, and a sect of homicidal priests.

Today, Alexander's empire lies broken with civil war and foreign invasions. Celtic barbarians have crossed the Hellespont and sacked Anatolia, burning cities, destroying temples, and slaughtering thousands. Parthia is at war with the Seleucids and the Roman Republic prepares for battle with Carthage.

Now is the time for you to join the ancient conflict that dominates this world of debauchery, brutality, and glory.  Pick your weapons, choose a side, and remember--die with honor, and you may live again!     













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