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Outlined below are a few of the characters featured in our games and stories. Links to additional content about each of them are included in their descriptions.


Fiction   |  D20 Stats

After fifteen years in the Egyptian special forces, Padia retired from the military and started a new career at the library in Alexandria. But her past was not so easily left behind.



Fiction   |  D20 Stats

When her family was killed and their lands were lost, Kara relied on her father's training and her faith in the war goddess. She traveled south and became a mercenary, forging a new life on the battlefields of Iberia, Gaul, Italia, and beyond.  



Capt. Valliari

Fiction Character Info.

Vincent joined the Army in 1939 and by 1942 he had become a Ranger and participated in the Dieppe Raid. He has since seen action all over North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific. Later, he  joined the elite, multinational, Allied combat unit known an ECO Force and now serves as its commanding officer.



Fiction | D20 Modern Stats

When Dragonfly's transport plane was shot down over a remote island in the South Pacific, she agreed to cooperate with some Americans who were also trapped on the island. But when the island's dark secret was revealed, her duty became clear.  




Neutron Girl

Origin Story | M&M Stats

Conceived in an alien genetics laboratory, Victoria was sent to Earth to complete one critical mission. When it was done, she was supposed to be terminated to prevent her from getting out of control. But things didn't go as planned...


Bobbi Sue Jackson

Origin StoryM&M Stats

Bobbi was just a typical southern girl who loved family, football, and God. Then tragedy struck and she was called to a higher purpose. Today, she hunts Satan's minions and exacts  divine retribution. 



















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