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We are using DriveThruís Freelancer feature to enable writers and game designers to create material for our settings. Here is a quick outline of how the program works:


       You can create game content and fiction based on our settings

       We will handle the graphic design/layout, uploading, and basic promotion

       We will pay you 50% of all sales of your title

What We Are Looking For

 We are currently looking for content for the following settings:


       Amazons Vs Valkyries

       The Shadelands

       M.E.T.A. Force


We are interested in the following types of content:




       Magic Items




       Short fiction

       Other ideas (traps, rumors, backgrounds, cults, etc.)


Product Development

If you have an idea for a project, contact us about it at We will give you some feedback and guidance for development. If we have appropriate stock art available, we will make you aware of it at this time. Any additional preparatory or confidential information we have about the setting will be made available to you as well, as long as you agree to a standard non-disclosure agreement. When you have finished your manuscript, send it to us. We will handle the layout and post it for sale. We will pay you 50% royalties of all sales of your title.



We have a small catalog of stock art and public domain images that you are welcome to use for your project. Any other artwork is your responsibility. We will discuss this in more detail during the development process.


Pricing and Payment

We will work with you to determine a price for your title, based on content and length.  

We participate in most site-wide sales on DriveThru. Any sales made at a discounted price would have a subsequent impact on your royalty payment. For example, letís say your title normally sells for $1, and you are collecting 50 cents for each of those sales. If DriveThru does a 30% off sale, people would buy your title for 70 cents. You would therefore receive 35 cents for each of those sales.


You will be paid 50% royalties on all sales of your title. You must have a user account set up with DriveThru to receive these payments. Payments are made automatically according to DriveThruís terms.


 Checklist Before You Submit

       Your content follows the format and guidelines of the appropriate game system (5e, Modern, or M&M) and does not violate any copyrights or trademarks.


       You have all necessary licenses and rights pertaining to any artwork you submit.


       The manuscript you submit is your own work.


       Any game rules you have created are balanced, fair, and clearly written.   


 After You Submit

We will handle the formatting and layout and post it for sale. Once it is posted, you can check your sales in real time using DriveThru's Freelancer Royalty Reporting Tool. Your earnings will be automatically deposited into your DriveThru user account.




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