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Between the dimensions of utter Darkness and total Light there is a vast, shadowy region where a war has been raging since creation began.  God-like beings from the far reaches of the multiverse, creatures of pure Light and pure Darkness, are locked in eternal struggle in the twilight realm known as the Shade Lands.

In this epic sword and sorcery setting, powerful wizards and heroic Fabled Champions defend an advanced civilization against a constant onslaught of giants, trolls, and goblins. Between the wealthy nations of Caerimar and the uncharted wilderness lie the Kingdoms of Men, a patchwork of feudal domains mired in a tradition of superstition and warfare. It is here, more than anywhere, that the battles between Darkness and Light are joined.

These conflicts manifest themselves in tales of imperfect  protagonists and antiheroes who struggle with tragedy and moral dilemmas. In the gloomy depths of the Shade Lands you may meet a gifted young knight, doomed by his own hand. Or you may hear a tale of a troubadour whose only chance at fame comes in a high stakes game of humiliation and torture.  

These and many other tales play out in the half light, where the differences between good and evil, right and wrong, can be as elusive as the shadows. 
















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