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M.E.T.A. Force is an urban fantasy and science fiction adventure setting where sentient robots and psychic vigilantes protect the Earth from criminal masterminds and shadowy assassins. In this world of mutants and magic, mad scientists and vampires, divine avengers punish the wicked and alien warlords attempt to conquer the universe. 

Stunning advancements in bionics, computer science,  para-psychology and physics have led to amazing new technologies and lifeforms. But these discoveries have also bred powerful new criminals that only the most elite heroes can stop.

There has been an awakening among the fey as well.  Trollish sorcerers and elven huntresses skulk in the shadows while mermaids and shambling mounds can be spotted on the evening news. An unseelie army has been scattered throughout the world and as they work their evil schemes against mankind, they hope to avoid the attention of their dreadful war goddess. 

These and other tales of magic and science, crime and justice play out as the angels, fairies, robots, and undead of M.E.T.A. Force explore the dimensions of humanity. 

M.E.T.A. Force takes its name from the elite team of heroes that defends this world against Mutant, Eldritch, Technological, and Alien threats. While there are other super powered teams in this world, the members of M.E.T.A. Force and their adversaries are the focus of this work. You can read about each of their origins right here. And you can add them to your M&M 3e game here.



Lord Foulwind

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Shadow Girl

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The H.A.C.K.S.A.W.

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Neutron Girl

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Bobbi Sue Jackson

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Chief Ataneq

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Public Enemy: Shadowblade



Public Enemy: General Steele



Public Enemy: Chief Ataneq



Behind the Mask: The H.A.C.K.S.A.W.


Public Enemy: Gator McCoy


Public Enemy: Lord Foulwind



Behind the Mask: Neutron Girl


Public Enemy: The Marquise

Behind the Mask: Bobbi Sue Jackson

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